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Thoresen Thai Agencies Public Co., Ltd. (the “Company”), its subsidiaries and associated companies are adhering to operate its business with morality, ethics, integrity, transparency and auditable with responsibility towards society and all stakeholders. The Company also puts emphasis on fighting against giving or receiving bribery and corrupt practices and it supports and encourages all personnel, from directors, executives and employees of the Company to strictly comply with the laws, rules and regulations relevant to the Company’s anti-corruption in order to strengthen confidence to the Company’s stakeholders on undertaking business with integrity and transparency.

The Company has implemented a Whistle Blowing Policy to provide channels for all the directors, executives, employees and other stakeholders to make a complaint, or report in any misconduct, fraud, corruption or suspicions thereof, involving the Company or companies in TTA Group. Whistle Blowing reports are quarterly reviewed by the Audit Committee. Audit Committee, then, considers and reports to the Board of Directors as deem appropriate.

Whistleblowing and request for recommendation


In case the directors, executives and employees and other stakeholders is suspicious that any action might be regarded as violation or non-compliance with the Anti-Corruption Policy, they are obligated to notify the clue via the communication channels specified in the policy as follows:

The Audit Committee

Email whistleblowing@thoresen.com
Postal mail The Audit Committee
Thoresen Thai Agencies Plc.
PO Box 12, Non-delivery Post Office, Siam Commercial Bank,
Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

Alternatively, whistleblower can contact the Head of Internal Audit Department in person. (Ms. Apichaya Phongpreecha, Audit Committee’s Secretary, Associate Director, Internal Audit & Compliance)

In case any matter is needed to be urgently reported, the director, executive and employee are obligated to notify the high-level management or the Board of Directors for acknowledgement of the concerned issue or situation and it shall be brought for attention of the corporate corruption management process. The investigation committee shall gather information, prepare the investigation result report, as well as recommendation and submit to the President and the Chief Executive Officer for consideration and making decision.

Request for recommendation

If any director, executive, employee or stakeholder has any question about the anti-corruption measures and policy or they are not sure about which action is regarded as bribery or corrupt practice, or any other concerns, they shall directly consult with their direct superior officer, or promptly make enquiry to or request for preliminary recommendation from the Office of Company Secretary at cor@thoresen.com

Protection of whistleblower or informant and confidentiality

The Company shall not disclose name and details on contents of the relevant complaint, grievance or fact to other irrelevant people, unless it has to be disclosed under the law only. The whistleblower or the informant who reports the facts in good faith, without any bias or personal benefits, shall be protected by the Company.

The Company shall provide fairness and protect directors, executives and employees who denies corruption and in order to strengthen confidence and fairness to all employees, the Company shall not have any policy to demote, punish or there shall not be adverse consequences for the employee who refuses to accept bribery or corrupt practices, even though his/her act may make the Company lose the business opportunity.