Corporate Governance


Corporate Governance (“CG”) is a relationship structure and practice to foster transparency and accountability of Thoresen Thai Agencies Plc. (“the Company”)’s Board of Directors (“Board”), management to build its stakeholders confidence with underlying objectives to enhance its long-term competitiveness and value to shareholders as well as to achieve a long-term sustainability value creation.

The Company’s corporate governance covers the following principles:

  • Rule of law: Management and operations shall be in line with relevant laws, charters, regulations, and Board / shareholders’ resolutions.
  • Accountability: All concerned parties, including the Board and management have to be aware of their duties and responsibilities.
  • Transparency: Business activities and operations shall be auditable and transparent.
  • Participation: Recognition of the rights of shareholders and stakeholders to participate in Company activities.
  • Value for money: All investments and resource utilization must meet targeted financial and economic returns.

The main components of the Company’s Corporate Governance Policy set in accordance with the guidelines of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (“SET”) are as follows:

Rights of Stakeholders Download
Equitable Treatment of Shareholders Download
Roles of Stakeholders Download
Information Disclosure and Transparency Download
Structure and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors Download


Articles of Association Download


Anti-Corruption Policy and Measures Download


Human Rights and Labor Practice Policy Download


Whistle-Blowing Policy

Whistle-Blowing policy is designed to enable whistle-blowers to raise concerns and to disclose information which the whistle-blowers believe shows malpractice or impropriety. This policy is intended to cover concerns all acts of misconduct, fraud or corruption (which have either occurred or are suspected) involving the executives, employees, suppliers of goods and/or services, creditors, customers, business partners, shareholders, directors and other stakeholders who have any kind of business relationship the Company or the companies under TTA Group.


The whistle-blowers can make a compliant, or report any misconduct, corruption or fraud, or suspicions thereof, involving the Company or companies under TTA Group to the Audit Committee (who is an independent director) via following channels;

  1. Email whistleblowing@thoresen.com or
  2. Post to Thoresen Thai Agencies Plc.
    P.O. Box 12, SCB Post Office,
    Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand or
  3. Report to TTA Head of Internal Audit Department in person.

The E-mail will be picked up daily and the post mail will be picked up weekly.


  1. The Company will investigate all complaints and reports of misconduct, corruption or fraud, or suspicions thereof, independently and impartially in order to obtain sufficient evidence to either substantiates or refutes the allegations. If a case is proven, disciplinary action and/or legal proceeding will be taken accordingly.
  2. The Company will inform the whistle-blowers who have disclosed their names and contact details of the progress of investigations and their outcome. However, the Company may not provide details of the investigation process or any disciplinary action taken if these are deemed to be private and confidential.
Supplier Code of Conduct Download