Sustainable Development Committee

In the year 2019, the Board of Directors approved an establishment of Sustainable Development Committee ("SD Committee"), consisting of representative from the Board of Directors themselves and executives of each business group and other units involved. The Company appointed an external consultant to assist management in implementing a sustainable development framework for the business of the Company and its subsidiaries. The sustainable development framework covers responsibilities of the SD Committee which includes developing policies, formulating strategies, and carrying out sustainable development plan in accordance with the business operation in view of economic, social and environmental aspects. The Company also determines to generate lasting value for all groups of stakeholders while striving for an implementation and cooperation in the operation of projects under the framework of sustainable development with relevant internal and external sectors.

Sustainable Development Working Group
Sustainable Development Working Group ("Working Group") has been established to apply and align the implementation of the sustainable development strategies throughout the organization to be in the same direction. Members of such group have been selected from senior managers and managers of related business sectors. Furthermore, regular follow-up on the operating progress is reported by Sustainable Development Committee to the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors.