Volunteer Activity : Coral Planting

Back Aug 10, 2018

Thoresen Thai Agencies Public Company Limited (TTA) with the cooperation of Baandinthai Volunteer Network and Marine Science Activity and Conservation Foundation organized the “coral planting” activity in Chonburi Province. Together with TTA executives and volunteers of TTA Group in Thailand collaborated in building PVC pipe structures to propagate coral branches on a floating raft and cultivate a coral branch with PVC pipe in an area of Wat Chong Samaesarn Suttahip District.

The main objective of this CSR activity is to cultivate the environmental responsibilities and nature resources conservation habits among employees and Thai people. Moreover, this is to sustainably restore fertility to the damaged coral reef and marine ecosystem. Coral planting is one of many projects in which TTA has conducted with the aim to make lasting social contributions and to be in compliance with our corporate mission of giving back to society.

The participants also learned about the history of project, the needs of marine and coastal conservation and cultivated coral reefs with PVC pipes for nursing of marine animals.