Human Rights and Labour Practices

Human Rights and Labour Practices

In today’s world, the realization of human rights has become more prominent globally. This can be seen in the assembly of people to protect rights, human dignity, and fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals as well as communities. Thus, it is important to integrate human rights into business operations as it can encourage employees from different cultures and backgrounds to merge and come together as one to reduce the human rights risks of related stakeholders, namely our employees, supplier, customers, communities and environmental footprint of our operations across the business.

TTA Human Right Policy

TTA aims to conduct business on human rights basis, which is in accordance with international labor standards and domestic laws where its businesses are operated. The Company’s rules and regulations which align with the Labor Protection Act, the Labor Relation Act and relevant regulations have taken effect since 2010. Apart from this, the Company’s Human Rights Policy which was announced in 2019 is based on universal human right standards such as United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. This is to ensure that the human rights management in all operations will cover its employees, joint ventures, business partners (suppliers, contractors) , customers and other relevant organizations where the business operations of the Company and subsidiaries are operated.

Human Rights Risk
Risk Issues Preventive Measures and Mitigation
Safety and Health of Employees
  • Personal protective equipment including labor-saving equipment is provided for employees according to their nature
  • Disseminate employee guidelines during the COVID-19 epidemic situation
Labor, health, safety, and wellbeing practices of supplier employees
  • Prepare and communicate the Code of Conduct for business suppliers
  • Require new suppliers to prepare a self-assessment
Guidelines on Human Rights Management

For our human rights operations, the Company has assigned Sustainable Development Committee and sustainable development working groups comprising of executives and senior managers from all business units and various departments, and especially Human Resource Department to be responsible for monitor compliance and to develop human rights management process. In addition, their duty also includes communicating policies which is a guideline for the effective human rights operations to other departments, for instance, employees, suppliers, customers and stakeholders.

The Company announced its Human Rights Policy which will be applied to its subsidiaries as well and can be found at Moreover, the Company also has a long-term goal of communicating and providing knowledge to employees with an aim to promote sustainable business operations and ethics. The Company expects all of employees or 100 percentage to be trained in a human rights program by 2022.

Guidelines on human rights management for the stakeholders


The Company has offered fair employment conditions without any discrimination to all groups of people, who have the qualifications that meet the job requirements and provide reasonable compensation, regardless of their races, nationalities, religious, genders, ages, skin colors, disabilities, financial position and family names. According to the Company’s policy, the Company plans to build an amicable working environment where all employees treat each other with respect and preventing any forms of discriminations, talking or doing anything that makes you feel that your rights have been violated, will cause embarrassment. The human rights management practices are stated in the Company and subsidiaries’ Code of Business Conduct. Moreover, Mermaid also encourages the fair treatment in workplace by initiating its own Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Policy. The purpose of this policy is to avoid all types of threats within the workplace and promote equality as well as gender diversity among its employees. In the year 2021, Mermaid has 78 percent male and 22 percent female representation. This split is mainly due to the 24 percent female representation for Non-Executive position. The largest age group in the company are employees between 30-50 (47 percent), followed by staff under 30 (39 percent)

Diversity Percentage
Board Executive Non-executive Total
Gender Male 100 100 76 78
Female 0 0 24 22
Age group Under 30 0 0 42 39
30-50 17 67 47 47
Over 50 83 33 11 14

And in the year 2021, Mermaid has employees from many countries, including

In addition, the Company emphasizes the equal rights of women under the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. The Company respects and supports equality for female employees in the corporation to be equal to male employees, through creating opportunities for equal career advancement, mutual respect, and non-discrimination as well as listening to different perspectives on gender diversity in driving business progress. The Company has the proportion of female personnel as follows:

Female Employees to Total Employees

Female Executives to Total Executives
64 percent 5 percent
Ratio of Men to Women Employees
Description 2019 2020 2021
Men 38 29 28
Women 66 52 53
disabled employees 0 0 0
Total 104 81 82


To uphold and safeguard human rights principles following the principles of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to ensure that all business operations are compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The Company established Supplier Code of Conduct in 2021 as mentioned in Supply Chain Management section. This is to create an opportunity for the Company, subsidiaries and suppliers to take part in the social and environmental development together. The Company also expects its suppliers to support, respect and protect principles on human rights to ensure that all related parties are not involved in any human rights violations.

The Company has established a complaint handling procedure and is open to accepting any employees’ opinions and issues regarding human rights. In first step, an employee can consult with his/her direct supervisor. If the problem cannot be resolved in this process, the employee can move to the next step by submitting the complaint in writing to the higher-ranked supervisor. This written complaint will then be completely investigated and considered within a period of seven days. If the second step still cannot be resolved, the employee can submit his/her written complaint directly to the management team within the period of seven days. Then, the special committee will be appointed to investigate the facts. The management team is willing to consider and execute any issues accurately and fairly. A resolution of the management team in this stage will be deemed final.

Complaints Handling Procedure

Comprehensive Human Rights Monitoring Process

  1. Identify human rights risks in business operations that have already occurred and may occur in the future and identify those involved in human rights violations.
  2. Assess human rights risks and assess potential impacts.
  3. Design measures to prevent and reduce the impact of human rights risks.
  4. Implement basic measures for relevant departments.
  5. Follow up and review the process.
  6. Provide remedies for those affected by human rights violations.

Thoresen Shipping

The company recognizes the importance and potential impact of human rights issues in conducting business across complex value chains involving diverse stakeholder groups. Therefore, the company has complied with the Company’s Code of Business Conduct which covers the guidelines for working on human rights.


“Leading with Heart” Training

PHC arranged a training course titled “Leading with Heart” with topics covering self-awareness and soft skills training to increase leadership potential, treat others with respect. Two trainings were arranged for Restaurant General Manager level employees by the end of 2021 with the total number of 132 participants or 91% of total branch managers. The company expects all branch managers to be trained by the end of 2022.


The company recognizes the importance and potential impact of human rights issues in conducting business across complex value chains involving diverse stakeholder groups. Therefore, the company has complied with the Company’s Code of Business Conduct which covers the guidelines for working on human rights.

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

The Group realizes that personnel are a major fundamental factor helping drive the organization to achieve its sustainable development goal. Human resource management is one of indicators showing international leading organizations’ success and drives business success. Good human resource management with reasonable welfare will motivate more outside proficient personnel to join the organization and enhance business performance. In addition, seminars or training courses will give an opportunity for employees to improve their knowledge and work skills helping the Company in the future.

Human Resource Management and Administration Guidelines

The Group plans to develop the ability and potential of the employees in all levels to be the “good and skillful person” by providing training courses that match their positions and giving career advancement opportunity. The Group also supports work-life balance to ensure that employees work efficiently and happily, motivate them to work by providing compensations in form of salary, bonus payment, health insurance, welfare, provident fund, overtime payment, annual leaves increasing in line with service period and long service awards are provided for employees as incentives to work with the company in the long term at a competitive level. The Company expects its employees will have strong relationship with the organization and aims to reduce turnover rate.

The Company has assigned its Human Resource Department of the Company and its affiliates to manage the personnel effectively and follow the rules and regulations relating to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and also respect individuality throughout human dignity by undertaking the following guidelines.

Employees’ Performance Development and Improvement

The Company has operational plans for managing and developing its employees, the policy of employee’s remuneration and individual development plan which aligns with employee’s need.

  • Employees are encouraged to attend training courses and seminars to improve their knowledge and monitor changes in business environment.
  • Provide Provident fund training program for employees
  • Training course on sustainable development
  • Employees are encouraged to apply for useful training courses such as the course “TFRS9 and accounting relief measures from Covid-19” organized by the Federation of Accounting Professions.

Operational Result of TTA Human Resource Management

Operational Operational Result
2019 2020 2021
Employees’ Training
  • Average training hour (hour/person/year)
4.82 10.37 3.78
  • Employees attended the Sustainable Development seminar (person)*
4 1 5
  • Employees attended the S01-S03 seminar (person)
2 2 3
  • Employees attended THSI Coaching (person)
- 2 3
Performance Evaluation
  • Employees passed the evaluation after attended ‘Performance Plan’ project (percentage)
100 100 100
Employees’ Maintaining and Retaining 1/
  • Turnover rate (percentage)
53.84 30.38 23.6
  • Number of employee resignation
56 27 19
  • New hire rate (percentage)
54.80 19 22
  • Number of new employees
57 15 18
Notes : 1/ Number of permanent, contract and transferred employee had been included as turnover rate.

Operational Result of Mermaid Human Resource Management

Employee Group Category Average hours of training that the employees have undertaken during the reporting year Percentage of total employees who receive a regular performance review and career development review during the reporting period
Gender Male 0.40 100%
Female 0.50 100%
Age Group Under 30 0.00 100%
30-50 0.60 100%
Over 50 1.00 100%
Social Protection and Working Conditions for Employees
  • Establish and revise employee manual and rules of conduct in timely manner to comply with the Labor Protection Act B.E. 2541 and the Labor Relations Act B.E. 2548 and other related laws.
  • Provide fair employment conditions and reasonable payment for employees
  • Provide maternity benefit and leaves enabling employees to work effectively and spend time with their families
  • Provide suitable workplace for employees
  • Impose proper overtime pay regulation including weekly and annual leaves
Systematic, Transparent and Fair Performance Evaluation
  • The Company establishes policy and criteria to evaluate the annual performance of employees in all levels by using the MAX Performance Evaluation Scheme consisting of annual performance planning, mid-year review and year-end review. Supervisors and staffs are required to discuss about the job description and knowledge development plan at least 2 times per year according to the MAX Performance Cycle.
  • The Company has a measure of improving employee’s performance with a below standard. The employee will be provided an opportunity to improve his/her performance by attending a 3-month Performance Plan training program held 2 times per year.

With an aim to manage human resources more effectively and easily accessible to all employees, The Company established various channels of communication, so that employees experiencing unequal treatment can submit any complaints to Audit Committee via Company’s website or PO Box as well as Company’s labor union. In addition, Line group for staff is al so another channel for communicating and publicizing Company’s interesting activities and welfares.

Long-Service Awards Project

The Company recognizes and values the employees who work with the Company all the time. As a morale booster, the Company has awarded 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years of service in the amount of 10,000, 20,000, 40,000, 60,000 and 80,000 baht, respectively. Employees who complete their 30th and 35th anniversary of work receive a prize of 100,000 baht.

Thoresen Shipping

Thoresen Shipping recognizes the importance of online and social media, which has made the connection between the seafarers and office workers to have better relationship. In order for the seafarers to relax and have fun during their work at sea, the company has set up projects, social media activities by creating various types of projects for the crews to participate in activities including:

Easy English Project

The company is committed to developing the potential of the crews by creating a project “Easy English” to allow the seafarers to practice English through a fun, interesting project to create learning in a style which will lead to the development of English language skills through the LINE application “Thor English”.

Shares PIC Click Like Project

Recognizing the willingness and sacrifice of the seafarers working on ships, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has set up a project to send photos during missions on board “Shares PIC Click Like” to promote participation in the operations of the crews through Facebook – Thoresen Crew channel to boost morale including to build relationships between the seafarers and office workers.

Thoresen Tiktok Dance Clip Challenge Project

Concerned about the crew who have to work during difficult times during the COVID-19 epidemic for a long time, the company has set up the “Thoresen Tiktok Dance Clip Challenge” project to provide the seafarers with activities that fun, relaxing, reduce the stress of working on ships for long periods of time.


Under the rapid changes of the world situation in terms of economy, environment, and society, including technological changes that affect business operations, the Company has realized the impact of such changes, therefore focusing on taking care and developing employees, which are the most important human resource capital of the Company, to become potential people to jointly drive the corporation. The Company offers courses to develop knowledge and competence of employees in the branch to promote job positions according to their increased knowledge and abilities.


Mr. Ratchata Titayanurak was awarded with the Quality Persons of the Year in the business sector of the year 2021

The Foundation of Science and Technology Council of Thailand (FSTT) organized a project called "Quality Persons of the Year 2021" on 9 December, 2021, Privy Councilor Prof. Dr. Kasem Chankaew presided over the award ceremony.

Mr. Ratchata Titayanurak, Managing Director of Asia Infrastructure Management Company Limited (AIM) and Chief Operating Officer of Unique Mining Service Public Company Limited (UMS), was awarded with the Quality Persons of the Year 2021 in the Energy and Utilities Sector, as selected by the Foundation of Science and Technology Council of Thailand.

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety

thee company realizes that personnel is an important force in business operations. even if there are various machinery and technology to support it.

The Company is well-aware that human resources is an important force in business operations, even if the support from machines and technology, are essential for the business operation. Therefore, human resources are like valuable assets of the Company. Safety is an issue that the company always takes into consideration from the beginning of production to the shipment of the goods to customers, “safety” must be taken into consideration in every process. This not only includes the safety of our employees, but also includes the safety of our contractors, sub-contractors, and other related individuals. Hence, effective management of occupational health, safety, and working environment needs to be done, in order to promote good health, high efficiency, and perfect safety in the workplace. For example, if the Company has effective management of occupational health, safety, and working environment, loss of lives and properties will be reduced, employees will enjoy good health, etc.

The Company determines to run the business with the effective management based on occupational health, safety, and working environment and intends to reduce Work Related Accident Frequency Rate to zero. The Company and its affiliates have set clear goals for the management of occupational health, safety, and working environment as follows:

  • Reducing Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate
  • Reducing Fatal Accident Frequency Rate

The strategies employed to reach the goals are:

  • Foster a culture of workplace safety by instructing all employees to set their first priority to save lives.
  • Encourage all supervisors to be safety leaders to show that the Company pays attention to the safety of employees, contractors, and other related third parties in every working process.
  • Provide workplace safety manuals and training for all management and employees to promote understanding of occupational health, safety, and working environment for appropriate and effective management.
  • Analyze and review accident prevention measures, as well as conducting risk assessment for occupational health and safety to create a more inclusive framework for new regulations.

Management Guidelines

1. Introduce Controls for Workplace Safety in Every Section and Process

Safety and health at workplace are everyone’s ultimate responsibilities. This includes the management, employees, contractors, sub-contractors, and other related third parties who enter the workplace, at the headquarters or at sea, on rigs whether loading goods onto the vessels, drilling oil, maintaining machines, etc. All of them must strictly follow the safety regulations, for example, wearing personal protection equipment – gloves, helmets, glasses, masks, etc. - to decrease damage or prevent workplace injuries.

2. Establish Occupational Health and Safe Working Environment Committee

The company has established Occupational Health and Safe Working Environment Committee which consists of representatives of the management and employees to observe unsafe working environment in the company, consider policies, create plans, and set up standards for workplace safety, in order to prevent work related accidents, dangers, sickness, annoyance resulting from work or other risky incidents that might occur to employees, contractors and outsiders who enter the workplace for working or for receiving services.

3. Implement Risk Control Measures

In order to evaluate effects and improve the safety measures, TTA has made an observation on workplace safety operation and review the accident frequency rate at least once a month. For Thoresen Shipping, on-board security guards have been assigned to observe and record all accidents, and prepare a risk assessment report in reference to the standard statistics regarding management of occupational health, safety, and working environment from reliable institutions such as HOPM/12 and SOPM/04.

Thoresen Shipping also holds a Tool Box Meeting, a small-scale meeting for risk and harm assessment, before any operations. This helps predict accidents that might occur during the operation, develop preventive measures and prepare protective equipment for accidental damage. For example, emergency equipment is set up at the beginning of the process to promote safety and reduce work related accident frequency rate.

Moreover, on-board security guards are responsible for training and explaining the safety policy to all on-board employees, especially new employees who need to be cautious about using hazardous substances, be aware of their physical limitations, and be trained in appropriate shipping methods for safety of their lives and cargos.

For Mermaid, Health and Safety Risk Management System has been developed, Supervisors have been assigned with a duty to explain workplace safety measures to all employees before starting any new projects via Safety Meetings, inductions and ‘tool box talks’. On-board security guards check all parts of the ship at least once every three months to ensure safety and their compliance with regulations and Merchant Shipping Notices. They are also required to patrol the whole working area and keep safety records for addition to form MSS-SHEQS-FRM-105 Minutes of Safety Committee Meeting, at all MSS Operational Offices, MSS Workshops and Warehouses, and MSS Vessels every month. This is for the benefit of developing further safety measures and maintaining continual improvement in the future.

4. Report and Investigate Causes of Accidents

Promoting occupational health and safety is everyone's responsibility. The working environment and nature of work need to be taken into consideration for safety management in every area. If there is something unusual or something wrong in an area, supervisors in that area must be informed immediately, especially when accidents occurring while at work, so that the supervisors could assess the level of severity and then report to all related parties consequently. If it is found that the working environment is likely to pose harm to life and property, everyone must stop working in that area immediately and safety measures must be taken the soonest to maintain the safety standards.

To maximize the standards of occupational safety, health and environment measures, the Company has evaluated the performance of the operation to see whether it is in line with the safety policy and continuously improved it. Occupational Health and Safe Working Environment Committee is responsible for prepare an annual performance report indicating problems that the committee confronts during the operation and making suggestions for further improvement to its supervisor. This is to prove that the measures for occupational safety, health and environment yield maximum benefits to the Company.

5. Develop the Knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety

Trainings in occupational health and safety are arranged to all executives and employees according to their job descriptions and in compliance with the laws. For example, trainings in prevention and extinguishment of fire, prevention of occupational diseases, practice on first aid in the workplace, knowledge of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code to prevent the risks that might occur during sea transport, etc. This is to ensure that all of the operators have acquired enough knowledge about occupational health and safety.

6. Promote Good Health

The company provides checkups for new employees and annual checkups for all employees by considering individual risk factors according to their nature of work and taking precaution for impacts that may arise from operational work. For example, lung health and heart health checkups, hearing tests, etc. The company also provides health promotion activities such as setting up a fitness room with standard equipment to encourage employees to exercise.

7. Prevent and Decrease Impacts on Supply Chains

All affiliated companies of the Company and the Company are required to set up a Contractor Management System, a system that covers the process of selecting contractors, dealing with contractors, and auditing in order to prevent risks associated with occupational safety and health that might happen in the workplace during working.

The Group thereby have introduced the policy on promoting good health and safety of our employees, contractors, sub-contractors, and other related individuals in the workplace as much as possible. In doing so, international regulations and standards are adopted, which include:

  • Labour Law for the Administration and Management of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment (B.E. 2549).
  • Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Act (B.E. 2554).
  • Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Act (B.E. 2554) regarding the Standard for Service, Management, and Proceeding on Occupational Safety, Health and Environment at a Workplace for Prevention and Extinguishment of Fire (B.E.2555).

Moreover, there are general practices in terms of occupational health, safety, and working environment in related industries as follows:

Thoresen Shipping

Focus on operating with safety and occupational health as the main concern by having a management policy that complies with international regulations to prevent accidents and dangerous material hazards that may occur during the operation of personnel on board

Thoresen Shipping, an international dry bulk shipping company, prioritizes the prevention of accidents and dangers from hazardous substances that could occur to any employees who work on board. The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) has been adapted in order to ensure the safety of the employees.

Thoresen Shipping always runs the business conforming to all regulations and convention of International Maritime Organization (IMO) as follows:

  • International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)
  • The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL)
  • International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) and The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC)
  • International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments 2004, which becomes effective on September 8, 2017.
  • International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code
  • International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes (IMSBC) Code
  • International Safety Management (ISM) Code
  • International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code

All of the rules and regulations above have been imposed both onshore and offshore in accordance with international standards in order to promote safety at sea, prevent injuries and loss of lives, and avoid causing damage that might occur to the environment.

The company has set up a ship safety committee consisting of a division chief, a crew from each department, with a minimum of 7 members. At every meeting, there will be a summary of the progress of operations sent to supervisors and related parties for acknowledgment to ensure that all ships of the company are managed and ensure safety for personnel operating on ships. In addition, the company also organizes a Tool Box Meeting where each operation will have a sub-meeting to prepare the work, assess risks and hazards that may arise, study preventive measures, prepare tools to prevent accidents such as providing emergency equipment, to promote safety before starting work and to reduce the rate of accidents in operation.

Performance Statistics
Violation of ISM Code Violation of ISPS
Non Conformity Observation Non Conformity Observation
2019 0 1 0 2
2020 4 3 0 0
Target in 2021 0 0 0 0
2021 1 0 0 0
Target in 2022 0 0 0 0
Training Programs for Merchant Marine Cadets

Thoresen Shipping realizes an importance of continuous development of safety management skills for its merchant marine cadets. Hence, all merchant marine cadets are required to participate in training programs and keep records in Training Record Book.

The training programs for marine cadets help enhance knowledge of life and property safety. This includes keeping working environment on board professionally. The curriculum of the training programs is mainly about laws and regulations from each country, such as ISM, STCW, SOLAS, and MAPOL. These programs also help creating familiarity with the use of safety equipment, working processes, and preventive measures against environmental pollutions. Additionally, emergency mock drills for merchant marine cadets such as ISPS Drills, Oil Spills and Ship Groundings Drills, Fire in Engine Room with Crew Injury and Rescued by Helicopter etc. are also included in the trainings. Each month, fundamental training programs and special training programs are offered to merchant marine cadets, who must take every program. Chief merchant marine cadets are responsible for implementing the policy to continuously enhance merchant marine cadets’ knowledge and skills.

Merchant marine cadets are obliged to be trained in occupational health and safety when they officially work on board. This is to ensure that Thoresen Shipping merchant marine cadets can carry out their duties efficiently with proper knowledge and skills in safe working environment.


As a subsea service services, it has established an integrated Safety Health Environment Quality and Security management system or SHEQS management system that complies with ISM standards and is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001, including complying with international regulations and codes of conduct established by the International Maritime Organization or IMO

Mermaid maintains detailed statistics on all occupational safety, health and environment issues, with the objective of reducing Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) to be less than 0.65 within each year. For the year 2019-2021, its major performance is as follows;

Statistics Performance in 2019 Performance in 2020 Target in 2021 Performance in 2021
Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) 0 0 <0.65 0
Fatality Frequency Rate 0 0 0 0
Restricted Work Case (RWC) Frequency Rate 0 0 <2 0
Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) 1/ - - - 0.34

Remark 1/ Total Recordable Injury Rate began collecting data in 2021.


Because employees are the key to driving business growth, the company protects the health, occupational health, safety, and working environment of employees very well, to reduce risks and create a strong safety culture throughout the corporation. The company is in the process of studying the disclosure of occupational health and safety of employees.


Occupational health and safety management is essential to the company’s business operations, and also builds trust among stakeholders. The company is determined to manage and control occupational health and safety risks. The company is in the process of studying the disclosure of occupational health and safety of employees.

Development and Engagement in the Community

Development and Engagement in the Community

The Company realizes that strong community and society are important factor that can lead to sustainable development for business, social and national economic sectors. The Company’s operations involved with the communities in various aspects. If the Company’s operates business by not considering any negative impact or damage to the communities and continue to participate in community development, the Company can operate its business smoothly with support and cooperation from the communities.

The Group has the policy to cultivate conscious mind on giving back to the society and this value will be one of the corporate culture which has been announced and applied since 2015. For more details about the Company’s mission, please visit This policy covers throughout the Company and its affiliates from executives to employees. Giving back to the society does not only limit to donation of money but also includes time, workforce, work process and awareness of community responsibility, society and environment with determination to build positive impact on social and economic sectors as well as conservation of environment in the community where the Company is involved with. Moreover, it takes solidarity of all parties of the Group and the Group to bring prosperity to the community, society and country as a while in applying the Sustainable Development Goals to all dimensions, from education promotion, quality of life development, and conservation of natural resources to distress relieve & public charity. All sectors should be driven on awareness and cooperation that it could lead to joint building a sustainable society.

The Company is aware of its duties and responsibilities towards the environment. In addition, a policy to raise awareness of returning to society is one of the organization's culture and practices towards society, community, and environment in the organization's mission in order to cover both executives and employees to the following principles:

  1. Support activities that are beneficial to society, community and the general environment.
  2. Return a portion of the profits of the organization to activities that will contribute to social on a regularly basis.
  3. Do not do anything that has a detrimental effect on natural resources and environment
  4. Cultivate awareness of social, community and environmental responsibility among employees at all levels on a regular basis.
  5. Act or control to strictly comply with the intent of the law and regulations issued by regulators.
Participation in giving for help and developing a better society

The Company recognizes the importance of supporting the development of quality of life and development prosperity for the community for Thai society. In addition, the Company has instilled awareness among employees in the organization about social responsibility, community and environment through media and internal activities continuously. In the past, activities have been carried out under the scope and guidelines as follows;

  1. Building a good relationship with the organization both public and private sectors as well as community leaders at various levels to create good relationships and can coordinate cooperation in sustainable and concrete community development.
  2. Donating materials and equipment as well as donating funds to improve the quality of life of the community, such as donations computers, sports equipment, clothes and food for poor students or needy communities. The company believes that in order to do business successfully according to the set goals, it may not depend on the company’s business but it also depends on the stakeholders too.

Outstanding Projects of Community Development and Involvement

1. Promotion of Education

TTA and the Group place importance on human resources development with main target to build skilled personnel who is specialize in merchant marine profession to Thailand

Preparation Course for Merchant Marine Cadets

Thoresen Shipping supports trainings to students of Merchant Marine Training Center by providing knowledgeable and experienced personnel in the commercial navigation as special lecturer during the orientation of the merchant marine students, who attend a Bachelor of Science Program in Nautical Science and a Bachelor of Engineering Program in Marine Engineering at Merchant Marine Training Center, Samut Prakarn Province. The objective of this project is provide correct knowledgebase on operating procedures, self-management and security policy on performing the work in cargo ship to the merchant marine students who will be on field training exercise with the international sea-going vessels. In 2021, the number of merchant marine cadets participating in the training in the Merchant Marine Post Training Program is more than the year 2020.

Scholarship Project

Thoresen Maritime Awards have been supported by Thoresen Shipping for 19th consecutive year with the objective to present scholarships to crews’ children with well-behaved and good academic record. This program not only helps lighten the financial burden on employees but also expand educational opportunities for crews’ children who will grow up to be decent and capable people. In 2021, we granted 43 scholarships, which is a total of THB 344,000.

Operating Year Number of Scholarship Granted Amount of Fund (Baht)
2021 43 344,000
2020 31 248,000
2019 30 240,000

Maritime Awards 2021

It is an event that has been held every year since 2003. The objective is to honor the ship’s crew for outstanding performance in the current year, to encourage qualitative development of both the ship’s seafarers and the ship, as well as the company’s office workers and also realizes the importance of promoting the relationship between the seafarers and the company’s office workers by giving scholarships to the children of crews in the crew class who have good grades and meet the criteria set by the company, in order to develop the education of the youth, and reduce some of the cost of living for the crew on board. This year, the event was organized via online to comply with the government’s measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and communicate and disseminate the results through the Company’s Social Medias.

Co-developing merchant marine courses with the Office of the Vocational Education Commission

Thoresen Shipping has signed in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Office of the Vocational Education Commission for the cooperation project on teaching & learning process including formulating and criticizing curricular on merchant Marine Navigation and Engineering to many educational institutes such as Nakhom Si Thammarat College, Merchant Marine Training Center etc. TTA is the consultant on designing such curricular to make them consistent with the current demands of merchant maritime personnel in the commercial navigation industry. Such work have been acknowledged and appreciated by the participating institutes.

Internship Program

Every year, Thoresen Shipping accepts the merchant marine cadets to practice in the actual establishment and in order to enhance qualified personnel in the navigation industry of Thailand. In 2021, there were more than 70 students from Navigation and Engineering Branches of Merchant Marine Training Center participated in the Company’s program. Students with good performance shall be granted opportunity to work with the company in the future. For the past years, 45 interns have returned to work with the company.

3 Mor. Project of PH Capital Company Limited and Siam Taco Company Limited

Due to the Company’s mission to give back to society and the environment, PH Capital Company Limited, the franchise owner of PHC in Thailand, and Siam Taco Company Limited, the franchise owner of Taco Bell in Thailand, has joined the 3 Mor. Project, which is a cooperation project between the Department of Employment, E-Tech College, Chachoengsao Vocational College, Mary Business Administration Technology College, and leading companies in the country to increase work and learning opportunities to develop students’ knowledge and abilities. The project also contributes to the reduction of social unemployment, and illegal employment, both in terms of paying wages less than the minimum wage and employment of persons under the age of 18.

The company has started accepting interns from the Northeastern and Eastern regions and has plans to expand to other regions across the country in the future. Mathayom 6 students who meet the Company’s selection criteria will undergo a rigorous internship at any of the Pizza Hut restaurants and are paid per hour of work, monthly accommodation, and scholarships for 2 years during the internship. Participating in the 3 Mor. Project gives the Company an opportunity to select qualified students to develop as the Company’s personnel upon completion of the course and promote employment in society.

In 2021, 65 and 15 students from this program have taken internships at PHC and Taco Bell restaurants, respectively. The students have a 2-year employment contract and vocational training contract and are able to work a full 8 hours a day, 6 days a week and can arrange working hours as appropriate which at the end of the course they have the opportunity to grow into a team manager.

2. Health Promotion

“Building Ship’s Cook for Sea-going Vessel” Project

The Company pays attention to health of the employees who work in the cargo ship and considered that they must be provided with quality and hygienic food which must be prepared by the professional chefs who possessed certificates and graduated from the courses of the certified agencies. Such courses consisted of food storage on board and food preparation, both theory and practices. In addition, they must understand about the importance of culture, religions and society when having dining together. Consequently, Thoresen Shipping joined hand with Nakhom Si Thammarat Vocational College to initiate the “Building Ship’s Cook for Sea-going Vessel” Project since 2011. This High Vocational Certificate course on Food Preparation on International Ship Vessel pursuant to Nutrition Principles has been developed to create professional marine chefs. These students will learn both theory and practice for a period of 2 years and after graduation, they can choose to work with Thoresen Shipping immediately. This is 1 of 50 courses which have received appreciation from Ministry of Education and Vocational Colleges because it cannot only create qualified personnel to work with the Company but it can also build qualified personnel for labor market in shipping business. Presently, there were 11 classes in total and more than 160 students graduated from this course.

The company remains committed to the development and implementation of the project “Building Ship’s Cook for Sea-going Vessel” to be sustainable. The Company has played an important role in continually driving and developing this project, as can be seen from the media, for example, the Labor Minister ordered “kick-off to open the kitchen” to train cooks to enter the marine business. The main goal of this project is to increase labor potential and enhance the quality of the marine business. The marine business is an important part of the logistics industry that generates a large amount of money entering the country. However, marine business has to comply with international laws or conventions. Due to the epidemic situation of Covid-19, the marine business has stopped sailing, which at present, the situation is much better. There are positive signs of both the open country policy and the number of vaccinated people. Business sectors are preparing to move forward. Many companies have a shortage of legally permitted cooks on board.

3. Distress Relief and Public Charity

TTA Group Tuk-tuk Caravan for Healthy and Happy Life

The Company teamed up with 411 Entertainment to initiate a CSR project entitled “TTA Group Tuk-tuk Caravan for Healthy and Happy Life”. By jointly preparing relief supply bags worth more than THB 1.5 million and hiring 65 tuk-tuks to transport these bags to 1,500 families in communities around Bangkok and Samut Prakan. This project not only helps generate income for Tuk-tuk drivers, who lost earning because of country lockdown policy and strict measures on tourism industry, but also forwarded assistance to people affected by COVID-19.

Wheelchair Donation to People with Disabilities

The Company donated wheelchairs designed for children to support "Wheelchairs for the Disability Project" of the Thai with Disability Foundation, in order to improve the quality of life and create chance to access education and happy social life for disable children.

Recycle Plastic Water Bottle into Monk Robes

In addition to preserving the nice environment in the office, the Company joins forced with its headquarters building - Orakarn Building in organizing the TTA Zero Waste project for the 2nd consecutive year to jointly reduce plastic waste in the building. The Company has set up a PET bottle donation box with project information sign in the area on the ground floor of Orakarn Building for two months. Not only the TTA staffs, but all staffs in the building and visitors can participate in the PET bottle recycling program as well. The PET plastic bottles collected from this project were delivered by the Company to Wat Chak Daeng, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan Province for processing into synthetic fibers and used to produce fabrics to sew the monk robes (60 plastic bottles can produce 1 set of robes)

The Company would like to thank those who donated PET plastic bottles to be recycled into the monk robe. Everyone has helped reduce the amount of plastic waste in our country.

The Company Offered Relief Supply Bags to Help Flood Victims in Ang Thong Province

In 2021, Ang Thong Province was one of provinces that suffered severe flooding. The Company realized that many people affected were still waiting for help. Therefore, 500 sets of relief supply bags filled with rice, dry foods, and necessities worth more than 500,000 baht were prepared and TTA volunteer employees went to the affected area to hand some of the relief bags to people who were in serious trouble in Chaiyo District, Ang Thong Province with hope to help alleviate the hardships of each family during these critical times.

The Company Gives Away P80 PLUS SPRAY to Employees

In 2021, COVID-19 pandemic situation still continue at pace nationwide. Concerning about the health and safety of all employees, the Company gave away “P80 PLUS SPRAY”, an innovative throat spray made from longan extract, to all employees of the Group for their good personal hygiene during work-from-home period.

Pizza Hut Supports Medical Staff to Fight COVID-19

As part of “Pizza with Love from Pizza Hut to Help Fight the COVID-19 Outbreak” project, Pizza Hut 1150 operated by PH Capital delivered Pizza Hut’s pizzas and various menus to the medical team and staffs, who have been working hard to save Thais from the COVID-19. This project aims to support the medical frontliners in many hospitals, including Siriraj Hospital, Maha Vajiralongkorn Thanyaburi Hospital, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Medical Center, Ramathibodi Hospital, and Thammasat University Hospital. In addition, Pizza Hut joined Ministry of Commerce’s project “Commercial Price Reduction! Helping People Lot 12 (Online)” by giving a discount on Pizza Hut's signature menu items to alleviate the burden of expenses for the people during COVID-19.

Commerce On Sale! Help People

Pizza Hut 1150 cooperates with the Ministry of Commerce to implement the project “Commerce On Sale! Help People” sell pizza at cheap prices to reduce the burden of living for people during the COVID-19 epidemic and continuously stimulate the economy.

Taco Bell’s “WE ALL CAN DO” Campaign

The third wave of COVID-19 pandemic is the most severe Thailand ever face. Therefore, Taco Bell Thailand has launched “WE ALL CAN DO” campaign, offering a discount for the purchase of Kickin' Chicken Taco to anyone who received the COVID-19 vaccine. This campaign aims to promote COVID-19 vaccination among Thai people to achieve herd immunity and return to the normal lives soon.

AIM and STC, Food for Heroes

Asia Infrastructure Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd (AIM) has joined hands with Taco Bell Thailand (STC), Mexican restaurant, offer lunch boxes and delicious tacos dishes to the team of doctors, nurses and public health workers at the donation center of Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital Nawamintrathirat University.

Donate Basic Necessities for Children at Baan Luuk Rak

Asia Infrastructure Management (Thailand) provided necessities and essential supplies for use against COVID-19, such as powdered milk, disposable diapers, face mask and hand sanitizer gel to Baan Luuk Rak Children's Home in Khon Kaen province. Baan Luuk Rak is a child help foundation that rescues and looks after children from 2 months to 15 years old, with 45 children in their care.

Relief and Charitable Activities of UMS and Its Subsidiaries

Support gifts for children on National Children's Day at Pho Thong temple

Support the mask to Khlong Sakae community.

Provide the drinking water to Nakhon Luang District and also support the establishment of checkpoints for the New Year festival.

Donate drinking water to those who need to quarantine due to COVID-19 situation

Clean Thong Songtham temple.

Donate money for supporting the waiting center at Thong Song Tham temple.

Support the making of alms canteen at Thong Songtham temple.

Join EIA event and distribute the survival bags to people at Khlong Sakae Sub-District.

Reforestation activities in front of the factory and roadside nearby the factory.