The Board approved the appointment for the Sustainable Development Committee ("SDC") and its Charter. As of 11 August 2021, the SDC comprises Mr. Kamolsut Dabbaransi, Director and Senior Executive Vice President, Head of Food & Beverage, being as the Chairman of the Committee and members from each business unit and related departments of the Company.

The SDC had established the Sustainable Development Working Group which consisted of senior managers and managers of many business sectors. The members were responsible for employing the sustainable development strategies to ensure that sustainability practices were in conformity with business operation and also continuously developed and clearly communicated. Also, the members are assigned to monitor the SD performance and its outcomes to be in line with the sustainability development plan. Furthermore, the Sustainable Development Working Group had to prepare progress reports and present them to the SDC and the Board of Directors regularly.

As of 11 August 2021, the SDC comprises of members as follows:

Mr. Kamolsut Dabbaransi

Chairman of Sustainable Development Committee
1. Mr. Kamolsut Dabbaransi Chairman
2. Executive Vice President, Group Chief Financial Officer Member
3. Executive, Group Human Resources Member
4. Executive, Thoresen Shipping Singapore Pte. Ltd (Shipping Group) Member
5. Executive, Mermaid Maritime Plc. (Offshore Service Group) Member
6. Executive, PM Thoresen Asia Holdings Plc. (Agrochemical Group) Member
7. Executive, PH Capital Co., Ltd. (Food and Beverage Group) Member
8. Executive, Siam Taco Company Limited (Food and Beverage Group) Member
9. Executive, Unique Mining Services Plc. (Other Investment Group - Coal Logistics) Member
10. Executive, Asia Infrastructure Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Other Investment Group - Water Management) Member
11. Company Secretary Member