To be the most trusted Asian investment group, consistently and constantly delivering an enhanced experience to all groups of stakeholder towards sustainable development.
Maximize shareholders value.
Create and facilitate sustainable growth and able to adapt under changes.
Identify, invest, govern and grow our group business portfolio.
Give back to the society and environment to lead towards sustainable development.


Have honesty and integrity at work.
  • Trust: build and nurture trust in all our relationships.
  • Openness: open and honest in dealing with others.
  • Honesty: always deliver on our promise.
  • Fairness: act ethically under all circumstances.
Team Spirit
Encompass the teamwork with care and mutual support whether to employees, customers, suppliers and service providers of the organization.
  • Caring: truly care for the clients, employees, and suppliers, and provide service with sincerity.
  • Helping: behave in ways that encourage and build a spirit of teamwork and collaboration.
  • Respect: respect one another and believe in our abilities to work as a team.
  • Contribution: support, contribute, recognize and feel that you belong to the Thoresen "family".
Achieve high standards in bringing new ideas or innovations to concrete practices with knowledge, accountability, initiative, and preparedness in execution.
  • Maintaining high standards: set high standards of quality, safety, environmental protection and stability, and achieve these high standards at all times.
  • Meeting challenges': always prepared for challenges.
  • Professionalism: conduct the business professionally.
  • Innovation: be a leader in creating new ideas at all times.
Perform assigned duties effectively and strive to reach the goal despite facing problems, obstacles or difficulties. Including constantly focus on improvement for the good results of the Company.
  • Entrepreneurship: act as if we are the "owners" of the Company and accounted for its success.
  • Loyalty: be loyal and always take the Company's success into account.
  • Accountability: be accountable for the results and success of the Company.
  • Passion: work with passion and hold on to the accountability for the results of the work.


TTA is a leading investment company with various investment portfolios in diverse business groups. Its success, therefore, depends on the ability to manage portfolios; conduct business with caution and efficiency in each cycle of each industry; and create sustainable value through long-term management, exploration of innovations and appropriate solutions to problems, and retention of competent and high-potential personnel—as well as having good corporate governance and imposing strong regulations across all business units of the Company.

For growth and stability, TTA aims to integrate and develop a growth engine in its key business unit. However, the Company never ceases to explore opportunities for mergers, acquisitions, or business expansions, both in Thailand and in the Indochina region, while employing a careful and rigorous selection and consideration process.

In addition, the Company will continue to maintain relationships with its partners in order to establish new businesses. There are also goals to advance the existing franchise sector and continually make improvements to various areas for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, by emphasizing more on raising the quality and lowering the cost.

Overall, TTA intends to operate as a leading investment company with a good reputation and business diversity through prioritizing operative results and creating value for shareholders, with the ultimate goal of accomplishing stable and balanced growth in all business units, resulting in sustainable profits in the long run.


Adhered by our vision "To be the most trusted Asian investment group", TTA strives to be a leader in the business by responsibly operating and excelling in sustainable businesses and delivering long-term value and growth. With the objective to deliver an enhanced experience to all groups of stakeholder under our multi-business model and core competencies, TTA aims to strengthen the competitiveness of the companies in our investment portfolio to sustain and enhance performance and ensure each business continues to grow in profitability to ensure superior and sustainable financials and returns.
In 2021 TTA has established strategies and business directions in accordance with the strategic business framework that focuses on creating sustainable growth of all sectors to be in line with the vision of the Company which aims to be the most trusted Asian investment group according to the business operation guidelines as follows:
Manage its investment portfolio for growth and risk diversification with an investment focus on businesses with steady revenue streams as well as steady returns and low external risks both domestic and abroad, including diversify risks by risk management throughout its production chain in order to sustain volatility.
Develop businesses that support and extend core businesses’ growth and sustainability to accommodate future technology and changes.
Operate business along with the development of human resources, communities and society participation to create a good economy and create quality life for people in society as well as helping the underprivileged to be able to stand on their own with pride.
Conserve the natural resources and environment in all dimensions of the Group's work process by performing business that supports efficient use of resources. Set goals in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as industrial waste management, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, air pollution reduction, including managing and building the community strength by encouraging employees to participate in the community to understand the real needs of each locality and join in taking the time to serve both the community and society.
Strengthen the organization with good corporate governance and integrated stakeholders management along with creating sustainable growth in business operations.