"Nam Aei- Nam Jai"

Back Jul 24, 2010

Our “Nam Aei- Nam Jai” approach encourages our employees to be active in the community. Any employee may make suggestions for worthy CSR activities that he or she would like the company and fellow employees to participate in. If approved as a CSR activity by the CSR Committee, TTA will provide support by way of funding and engaging TTA Group staff in those activities. The CSR activities and donations for the past year included:


A donation of THB 100,000 made to WadDonMaKok School, Petchburi for the construction of much needed toilet facilities and for necessary stationary on 24 July 2010


The donation of cash and necessities to the Foundation for the Disabled on 21 August 2010


In cooperation with the company’s vessel crew, TTA donated cash and necessities to the Foundation for the Disabled, Cholburi on 4 September 2010