Corporate Governance


Corporate Governance (“CG”) is a structure and process of relationships between a company’s management, Board of Directors (“Board”), and its shareholders with underlying objectives to enhance its long-term competitiveness and value to shareholders.

At the Board meeting of Thoresen Thai Agencies Public Company Limited (the “Company” or “TTA”) on 28 November 2011, the Board established a Corporate Governance Committee (the “CGC”) to review corporate governance practices and the Code of Business Conduct and to monitor compliance of the practices so that it remains within an ethical framework.

The CGC proposed to review and revise the Company’s Corporate Governance Policy, which was approved by the Board on 13 November 2017.

The Company’s corporate governance principles are as follows:

  • Rule of law: Management and operations shall be in line with relevant laws, charters, regulations, and Board resolutions
  • Accountability: All concerned parties, including the Board and management have to be aware of their duties and responsibilities
  • Transparency: Business activities and operations shall be auditable and transparent
  • Participation: Recognition of the rights of shareholders and stakeholders to participate in company activities
  • Value for money: All investments and resource utilization must meet targeted financial and economic returns

The main components of the Company’s Corporate Governance Policy set in accordance with the guidelines of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (“SET”) are as follows:

Rights of Stakeholders Download
Equitable Treatment of Shareholders Download
Roles of Stakeholders Download
Information Disclosure and Transparency Download
Structure and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors Download


Articles of Association Download


Anti-Corruption Policy and Measures Download