TTA intends P80 Go to be a leading electric motorcycle market for riders. Invite riders to register for 3-Month free trial Collaborate with STROM and Swap & Go aims to expand a battery swapping network as a new alternative for a pollution-free society.

  • TTA launches the P80 Go brand into eco-friendly motorcycle markets, and is open now for interested people to register for a free 3-month trial from today until September 30, 2022.
  • The electric motorcycles will be available for trial to the rider groups of Pizza Hut and Skootar around August 2022.
  • TTA will collaborate with STROM to develop high-performance electric motorcycles for riders.
  • TTA will collaborate with Swap & Go, a company in the PTT Group, to expand the battery swapping network with international standards.

Bangkok, July 26, 2022 – Thoresen Thai Agencies Public Company Limited (TTA), a leading strategic investment company, responds to the government policy to promote electric vehicles in Thailand. Recently, P80 Go Co. Ltd. (P80 Go) was officially launched to develop and distribute efficient eco-friendly electric motorcycles in response to the demands of riders. In addition, TTA will collaborate with STROM (Thailand) Co. Ltd., a developer and distributor of all types of electric motorcycles and vehicles, and Swap & Go, a service provider in the battery swapping network which provides batteries to electric motorcycle users without waiting for charging with international standards. The companies collaborate in developing motorcycles that can swap batteries in the Swap & Go system. For electric motorcycles under its brand, P80 Go aims to penetrate the market of motorcyclists or riders as well as to provide a new eco-friendly alternative to general users. Interested riders and users are able to register for the 3-month free trial at Facebook P80 Go from today until 30 September 2022.

Mr Chalermchai Mahagitsiri, President and CEO of TTA and P80 Go, states "We want to participate in helping motorcyclists, especially occupational motorcyclists (riders), who are affected by the continuously rising oil prices and economic conditions caused by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. We also want to support the government policy. Moreover, TTA has a sustainable business policy focusing on environmental preservation, especially in terms of reducing carbon footprints. Therefore, the P80 Go electric motorcycle business conforms to the company's policy and will help reduce the effects of pollution, such as dust from combustion and noise pollution. To achieve the goal, we are glad to collaborate with STROM (Thailand) Co. Ltd., a famous pioneer in electric vehicles in Thailand, to cooperate in developing eco-friendly and energy-saving electric motorcycles for the P80 Go brand to become one of the leaders in the electric motorcycle market in the future."

TTA also has a business group including Skootar, an online messenger service business, and Pizza Hut. Therefore, P80 Go will arrange electric motorcycles in a trial model for the riders of Skootar and Pizza Hut for initial testing in the first phase in around August 2022. This model can charge its electric battery at home or at EV charging stations.

The manufacturing capacity of the P80 Go electric motorcycle is estimated at between 10 – 20% of the electric motorcycle market in the country, or about 1,000 – 2,000 units per year within a price range of THB 50,000 – 120,000.

In the future, users of the P80 GO electric motorcycle will be able to conveniently swap the batteries at Swap & Go's network of battery swapping stations. The service points are available in various areas of Bangkok with a plan for continuous expansion.

Lieutenant Colonel M.R. Biranubongse Bhanubandh, Managing Director of STROM (Thailand) Co.Ltd, said "STROM Electric Motorcycles is glad to collaborate as an electric motorcycle production base for the P80 Go brand. At present, STROM manufactures electric motorcycles for riders for transporting and delivering various types of food and parcels. We provide and improve the necessary accessories and fittings for personal demand suitable to each type of transportation. The distance per charge ranges between 150 – 250 km/day under acceleration and the maximum speed is 120 km/hr to meet all mission requirements perfectly. Through this collaboration, STROM expects to manufacture the electric motorcycles in numbers up to 10,000 units in the first year, expanding to 25,000 units in the following year, delivering high-quality and high-performance electric motorcycles with fittings and technology suitably developed for all practical purposes."

STROM is a leader in electric vehicle technology in Thailand with performance in the development of electric motorcycles of various models for responding to the demands of riders for the road conditions in Thailand, particularly used for commercial and logistics purposes through the G-Control System, recognized for over 5 years with continuous development to the latest Version 3.0. These electric motorcycles deliver value and safety through clean energy technology which is at the heart of a commercial transportation business under the concept of "Develop a business to move forward by giving care to nature to be sustainable."

Ms Aweemas Sirisangthaksin, the Managing Director of Swap & Go, revealed "Swap & Go aims to provide a battery swapping platform for electric motorcycle users. The company operates as a start-up company focusing on the flexibility and adaptability strategies in line with the global trend and new technology. We focus on building clean energy solutions to improve the quality of Thai people's life and create growth society following the government policy. 'Swap & Go' has created and developed a pilot business to serve every lifestyle, especially for delivery riders. We focus on a simple system design, usability and convenient functions; fast and easy with 3 minutes self-service via mobile application. When the battery is low, the user can reserve a fully charged power battery in advance. Map navigation on the APP, connected to Google map, shows routes to the destination battery station. Users scan QR code to process swapping the low battery with the ready-to-use one at the station. Today, we provide 21 battery swapping stations throughout the inner city of Bangkok.

Moreover, 'Swap & Go' continue to move forward by cooperating with Thai and International partners. We are seeking for quality products with higher performances and safety; enhance services to match the users' demands. We also focus on the innovation to enhance the clean energy solutions, to improve efficiency consumption and to create economic value added for Thailand. This collaboration with P80 GO is regarded as the EV Ecosystem development for preparation to increase the number of electric motorcycle user in Thailand through building a business alliance to create sustainable growth of the business, society, and environment."

Mr Chalermchai added, "The EV motorcycles manufactured in Thailand under the P80 Go brand are meticulously designed for suitable uses. For interested customers, please patiently wait until the end of this year or the beginning of next year. The service will be available in 3 types: motorcycle rental (with a contract period, and return of the motorcycle at the end of the contract), motorcycle leasing (with a contract period, after which the motorcycle is owned by the lessee at the end of the contract), and outright sale. However, interested riders and users are able to register for the 3-month free trial at Facebook P80 Go from today until 30 September 2022",