CSR Activity - Born To Be "GOOD"

Back Jan 01, 2013


The Born To Be “GOOD” program was launched in line with TTA’s long held spirit of volunteering, with the aim of supporting people and communities in need.  The program offers TTA staff members the opportunity to contribute to society during their birthday months, transforming what is usually a personal occasion into one that provides a deeper meaning through hands-on support to the community.

Program objectives

  1. Foster a mindset of generosity and an interest in making contributions to surrounding communities and society in general
  2. Build a team of social contributors that are capable of driving the program in the long run
  3. Seek out activities or projects that can be turned into sustainable, long-term programs that TTA and its employees can take pride in supporting
  4. Encourage creativity and a sense of community in the workplace, while also establishing a friendly atmosphere

Target partners

Public and private organizations that contribute to society - including community centers, temples, schools, hospitals or various associations in the Greater Bangkok area


  1. The company has set aside a budget of THB 20,000 per month for social contributions under Born To Be "GOOD" program .
  2. Employees whose birthdays fall into a particular month are invited to propose activities or target organizations that they would like to support.
  3. Employees are responsible for planning each activity with the support of a team of volunteers.
  4. The volunteer team is in charge of promotional activities that can raise additional funds and encourage other employees from across the group to join in.
  5. The voluteer team oversees the execution of each activity and reports results to the organization which was supported as well as internally at TTA.

Project Period

January-December 2013